Gala Apples, 3 lb Bag

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Fresh Gala Apples are a tasty addition to a diet. You can chup them up for a fruit and walnut salad, or put them in a pie or other dishes. The Mott's name, trusted since 1942, provides delicious, nutritious products. When you see the Mott's brand, that means everything from orchard to aisle has been handled with extra care. These standard apples are hand-picked and delivered to stores so you can feel confident that they're tasty and wholesome. Galas were first bred in New Zealand and are now also grown in Washington state and parts of Canada. They're so sweet that you could even enjoy one on its own as a dessert. For an extra special treat, try it with slices of savory cheese. Gala Apples, 3 lb Bag:
  • Apples meet or exceed US extra fancy standards
  • Apple minimum diameter 2.5"
  • Providing quality fruit since 1942
  • Fruits and veggies: more matters
  • Healthy never tasted so good
  • 3 lbs of standard apples
  • About 130 calories per apple
  • No fat and no cholesterol
  • No sodium
  • Loaded with various vitamins and minerals
  • Shiny red skin with crisp, white flesh beneath

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